Thursday, July 19, 2012

End Of First Year As a Dental Student

this is just some random post just to express my feeling.
well, i was accompanied by loved ones till last night. so i slept and watch movie alone last night.
oh i bought myself mcd though.
so last night was ok.
here i am on friday morning, probably alone on this floor, writing a post about how, not to say sad, but u know, memories keep flashing back to me, everything is so nice here. perfect!
now i juz have to come to the term that we all grew up and yeah we still have 4 years ahead together. imma appreciate every single one of them!

p/s: ALMOST cried when i sent Hashridz and Aizat off. Almost k. 

told ya its a random post. see u all in 2nd year!

Saturday, March 17, 2012

The MOST Epic/Awesome/History Birthday celebration EVER.

It was a week before my birthday. so everyone was busy with stuff. Till it was 15th of march i guess. They bought a moist chocolate cake from Petronas gas station and they said it was for me, for my birthday. On that night, well they started coming to my room and sang me birthday song..opened and sliced the cake. It was some usual/random night and here's a picture.

Very sloppy i know. was getting ready to sleep anyways. Oh they made me say some speech, yada yada yada. This was their pre-celebration for me. Cuz ACCORDING to them they will be busy and going back home on my birthday. So i was quite happy that at least i got a celebration with them. really appreciated that. So after that i din't expect anything else cuz i seriously thought that that was it u know. Done.

So moving on, it was 16th of March night, Friday night, everyone was like bored, don't know what to do. Hash and Fizie was getting ready to head back home. I was actually, sad? that everyone was not around, important people, well of course Arip is around, LUCKILY. I watched as they started their journey back home. SAD i tell you! After that i started to walk around, from room to room, having some real conversation with some people. It was good. Till its nearly 12 am. Heard my watch chiming to midnight. :)

I was on the phone with my homie/hommie (whatever) when Arip asked me to accompany him somewhere. I said yes. We went to see Fasiha to get some notes. Fine. Done with a little bit of chit chatting and started to head back the college. Suddenly Arip stopped and got engaged on another call. In the middle of the street, on midnight, and on my birthday. I said fine, i'll just say happy birthday to myself on the road. "we're going to Teratai" he said. i was like.." yeah whatever lets juz make it quick" . When we were at Teratai he got engaged on the phone. AGAIN. I was quite pissed off cuz i was tired and all i wanted to do was hang with the rest of the guys before dozing off. "we're moving again" he said. ok fine.

We moved to this place, not so familiar, but it was in front of POLIS BANTUAN office. ok Fera called and i answered, told her i was on the road with Arip, celebrating my birthday on the road, not knowing what Arip wanted to do..bla bla bla. Arip was walking around, on the phone again. THEN, I looked around and i saw some lights, candle lights exactly and at that moment i knew something is going on and i told Fera that well, maybe Arip has a surprised for me. and i hung up.

I saw bunch of people hiding behind this place, lets call it GAZEEBO ok. At first i thought it was Arip's friends, wanted to celebrate with me. and they started to sing HAPPY BIRTHDAY song. and it was them! all of them! Hash, Fizie, Salleh, Pahmin, Luqman, Aizat, and Bobby! I stunted as they were singing and wishing! then they played Lady Gaga's video wishing Happy Birthday. Fuckin' touched ! They knew what i liked and baaM! I was super speechless. Oh oH oH and i have not mentioned bout' the walkway to this place! There were scented candles along the way and there was this heart-shaped candles at the end! with all the balloons! It'd be super romantic if A guy to do such things for A girl, but this time, its 8 guys doing this for a guy. how EPIC! here's some pichas!

  thats the place, ignore those recycle bins. teehee.

Conclusion: I really do not know how to thank you guys for doing this for me. But, i still have to:

From the bottom of my heart, i thank you guys for this,for making this the very 1st time i celebrated my birthday in such "romantic" way. A special thanks to Hash,Fizie and Arip for planning this. It was a very successful and beautiful surprise u guys have thrown me. I love you guys. Thanks.

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

What a sweet thing to write bout your sisters

Rather than congratulating you two on your achivements on the recent PMR examination , I would like to thank both of you ,not for anything you've done to me but I would like to thank you for making Abah and Mama proud .Sorry for setting the bar quite high for you but it is for your own sake .I did it in the first place because I never doubt ,not for second that you guys wouldn't surpass me .You've grown up amazingly ,do not stop making them proud .

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

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       Well, i am just another typical 19-years-old boy who is pursuing my degree in Dental Surgery. It is just that i have a chinese father and a Malay mother which makes me a half blood prince. I am not bragging about that, but i am happy and glad that I was born in such family. I was chinese-schooled ever since I was in kindergarten, until I entered my foundation year which i had it in UiTM PUNCAK ALAM. I did not have much Malay friends before that but I am now very happy to have so many of them surrounding me and decorating my life.
      Back to story of my life, I originate from Alor Star, Kedah and now currently as i am typing this, I am in my hostel in UiTM Shah Alam. Back in Alor Star , I went to SMJK KEAT HWA which is a ordinary chinese daily school. That is where i took my SPM examination and PMR examination as well. It carries lots of memories. Not to mention my primary school, it was SRJK(C) Keat Hwa. I had my UPSR examination there. Wow, that was a long time ago.
     My favourite thing to do would be just watching movies and listening to musics. That is just my favourite because i still love to do many of other things. For example, bowling, badminton , and to eat of course. Life is too short to not having great meals! I actually play those sports that I mentioned above but not very good at them, just for fun though.
      I would never thought of myself being a dental surgeon one day but here I am, working so hard to make myself a dental surgeon possible. Here is a piece of my thought and what i always say to myself : " People do survive in whatever situation, no matter how hard the process would be. " So, I will be a dental surgeon.I am turning 20 soon and my teenage years are going to end soon. Very soon from this date. I hope for beautiful years for me, and I will be a successful person one day. 

That is me on my 19th birthday back in Puncak Alam