Thursday, July 19, 2012

End Of First Year As a Dental Student

this is just some random post just to express my feeling.
well, i was accompanied by loved ones till last night. so i slept and watch movie alone last night.
oh i bought myself mcd though.
so last night was ok.
here i am on friday morning, probably alone on this floor, writing a post about how, not to say sad, but u know, memories keep flashing back to me, everything is so nice here. perfect!
now i juz have to come to the term that we all grew up and yeah we still have 4 years ahead together. imma appreciate every single one of them!

p/s: ALMOST cried when i sent Hashridz and Aizat off. Almost k. 

told ya its a random post. see u all in 2nd year!

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